Yoga Classes

no weekly yoga classes offered this summer

please check back in the fall :)

I AM however offering YOGA, SOUND & SUP experiences!!!
Book a private session with your tribe.
See details on our newly added 'experiences' page

*(Sauna experiences also offered, at specific times or rent the MOBILE SAUNA!)

These classes will be revisited in the fall...

 Soulful Yin/Yang

w/ Elisa Wiebe

Breathwork and dynamic yang movements (active) to open energy channels, followed by long deep Yin postures (passive, relaxed). A balanced soulful practice to keep you going!

In studio or on ZOOM

  Basics Yoga

 w/ Erin

An Iyengar yoga class, for beginners or those in need of additional supports and modifications.

In studio or on ZOOM.

 Chair Yoga

  w/ Erin

   A seated yoga practice that includes breath work and  meditation. Ideal for those with limited mobility.

In studio or on our Facebook Group.


  Dynamic Yoga

w/ Erin

An Iyengar yoga class with movement and strengthening. 

Be ready for a challenge! A good yoga work IN.  

In studio or on ZOOM.


w/ Erin

Yoga in a Hammock! A yin practice with the support of an aerial silk. Longer holds to allow for traction and deeper release.

In studio, and soon, in the forest.

 Yoga & Sound

w/ Erin

 A monthly practice that includes restorative yoga, intention setting and meditation w/ 7 crystal singing  bowls, as well as other sounding instruments. On the New or Full Moon.

Online Classes:

    'Flow with Erin~Online Yoga & Sound Meditation'
An option that allows you access previously recorded yoga practices anytime.
Subscribe to our Facebook Group monthly for $25.

'Flow Wellness Chair Yoga'
Yoga practice seated on a chair, for those in need of more support.
All practices are previously recorded.

Subscribe to our Facebook Group monthly for $25.

Email if
any of these online options peak your interest!