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What is Sound Healing?

We're not talking about Music, Singing or Performance for that matter.

We are talking about frequencies and vibrations that help our spirits align or realign with their purpose. Sounds that invoke a type of 'REMEMBERING'...that open up portals within us, that remind spirit that we are indeed SPIRIT and not just these 3D vessels. Yes, we are here for the Human Experience. To feel, to sense, to suffer, to learn...but so often, the experience is so intense, especially at this time on Earth, that we get lost in our Humanness. Very simply, we forget WHO WE TRULY ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE!!! 

Sound is channeled through these human bodies from Source, from the Divine, from Creation, from beyond the 3D realm, from a place of LOVE. When we feel these sounds (because we're not hearing them, they are moving right through us!) We Remember. We can connect to our Source, to a higher vibration that begins to manifest all that our soul truly desires, all that we have come here to do. THIS is why Sound Bath is so important!!!

Yes, absolutely it has effects on our physical bodies, because healing frequencies can help remove the energetic clutter held in our biofield. Trauma, life experience, emotion, thoughts...all get trapped in our energy field. When we experience sound, in a safe space, it can have the following effects on the body:

•lower heart rate
•lower blood pressure
•nourishes the cells
•accelerates healing
•settles the nervous system
•releases muscular tension
•decreases pain

...and so much more!

With all the destructive frequencies out there now (EMFs, wifi, negative vibes, dis-ease...), I highly suggest Sound as a Therapy, monthly or even weekly.



Book a Private Sound Healing with Erin (under appoinments) or join us for monthly events both at our Flow Studio in Winnipeg Beach and in Winnipeg!!! 

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