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Flow Wellness offers a variety of services on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Book your session conveniently online, using our calendar, to ensure the appointment fits with your schedule. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Welcome to the Flow Wellness Therapy Calendar Booking Site.

I look forward to helping you on your healing path!

Please read through the below info as thoroughly as possible.



If you are a NEW CLIENT, you will be required to EMAIL ME FIRST BEFORE BOOKING.

Once we touch base, i will confirm if i have the availability to receive a new client.
Please email


Returning/Confirmed Clients:

  • Provide Full Name, Phone number and Email upon booking

  • If getting ANY flu shots or covid boosters, PLEASE BOOK YOUR SESSION 30 DAYS AFTERWARDS. This allows the body time to adjust, as well as observe any possible adverse reactions to these injections. It is your medical responsibility to inform me of any possible side effects or changes, since your shot, when you arrive for your massage. Absolutely NO JUDGEMENT either way on your decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate. We ALL have the right to FREEDOM OF CHOICE

  • Please wait in the hallway for your appointment, whether you are a new or regular client. I WILL OPEN THE DOOR WHEN I'M READY TO RECEIVE YOU. This also gives me time in between sessions to clear energy and prepare myself anew. 

  • YOUR SESSION WILL BE KEPT TO THE DESIGNATED TIME, with a buffer of 5 minutes. This gives you time to use the bathroom, to finish up our session or in case you're a few minutes late. If i am behind schedule, your session will begin once you're on the table.

  • E-transfers are suggested to be done BEFORE your session, or setup for quick transfer immediately after your session to email address, no security question needed. Cash or cheque only in person. No cards accepted.

  • Please take the time during your session to quiet yourself and rest the mind. Chatting at the beginning of our session is invited but during your massage, please allow time for silent reflection. It also helps me tune in and work more efficiently, for YOU. 


I have recently added the option for a 75 or 90 minute massage, yay! 

Your 60 minute session may not leave enough time to work more than 2 areas of the body,

so if this is the case please book an extended session (treat yourself!). 



Choose your own adventure!

There is already the option for Massage & Sound for 60 minutes,

but now you can combine 2 of your favourite therapies into a 75 or 90 minute session! 

Just include in your notes upon booking what kind of treatment you'd like

(ex 45min massage + 30min sound therapy or 30min yoga + 60min massage etc...)



*A few side notes:


~Under the heading of 75 or 90 minute session, you may notice it says '1hr',

please diregard this. It was challenging to accomodate all these varied lengths on the calendar! 

Your session till be the desired time you choose ;)


~The 60 minute Hot Stone Massage is now only a 75 minute option and $115.

This therapy simply needs more time and requires more effort with stone setup etc.,

so i have adjusted accordingly.


~When booking, it will prompt you to 'PAY NOW'.

You CAN pay in person, just click 'PAY NOW', both times 

and your appointment will be booked.

I look forward to working with you!

  • A therapeutic massage to relax the body, settle the mind and soothe th...
    1 hr
  • A therapeutic massage to relax the body, settle the mind and soothe th...
    1 hr
    100 Canadian dollars
  • A therapeutic massage to relax the body, settle the mind and soothe th...
    1 hr
    125 Canadian dollars
  • Massage with heated Basalt Volcanic Stones. Helps release tension; ver...
    1 hr
  • 40 mins of Massage Therapy, followed by 20 mins of Sound Healing
    1 hr
    85 Canadian dollars
  • Hot Stones & Crystals placed on the body while receiving Sound Healing...
    1 hr
    85 Canadian dollars
  • A personalized Sound Bath w/ Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, Drum, Rattle, Ch...
    1 hr
    85 Canadian dollars
  • A tuning of the body's subtle energies (chakric system and biofield)
    1 hr
    75 Canadian dollars
  • An hour of yoga, specific to the needs of the client.
    1 hr