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Erin O'Neil


A Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Registered Massage Therapist, Sound Healer and founder of Flow Wellness in Winnipeg Beach.


Erin has been practicing Massage, Yoga & Sound for nearly 15 years. Included in her sessions, are 7 Crystal Singing Bowls and other Sound Instruments such as Drum, Rattle(s), Gong, Ocean Drum & Chimes. These frequencies, allow her clients to access a deeper connection to Spirit, and begin healing from within.

These practices have been profound and essential for Erin, in overcoming much adversity in her life. Inspired by Ceremony, the Sacred Feminine and the power of Sound Frequency, she hopes to share her gifts with those ready to raise their vibration.


Erin lives on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, in Winnipeg Beach, with her son Raven. They enjoy bike rides, tree hugging, swimming, digging in the dirt and many other earthy pursuits

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