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Flow Wellness

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Workshops & Retreats 

Relax your Body.

Quiet your Mind.

Nourish your Spirit.


An inspiring studio, created with LOVE and INTENTION. Located on the Lake, in the heart of downtown Winnipeg Beach.


Attune with the beauty of the surrounding environment while you practice Yoga, Meditate to the sounds of Crystal Bowls or receive a HEALING Massage. Reflect on shimmering Lake Winnipeg and the expansive greenspace of this Manitoba Park. Sync your breath with rolling waves, rustling poplars, gulls, songbirds and winds atop tall pine.


Gaze upon local artwork, healing colours, gemstones and plants. Breath in medicines such as Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Lavender. Or simply enjoy the company of other like-minded, open hearted individuals, as we practice together in this sacred community space 


The ultimate self-care practice for all ages and skill levels, our studio practices many different styles of yoga including Iyengar, Yin and Vinyasa. From a seated Chair Yoga class to our OM Yoga class, we have just the right teaching style to fit your unique needs. Click 'Classes & Calendar' to see a full schedule and list of class descriptions. 

A balanced session which includes many therapeutic facets of healing such as trigger point, myofascial release and stretching.  As well as relaxation techniques that include breathwork and visualization. Each treatment is personalized to meet the clients' needs. Whether you have a specific issue to target or just need to relieve some tension, let Registered Massage Therapist Erin O'Neil take care of you. Booking is now easier than ever with our online scheduler! 


RELAX deeply to the sounds of

Crystal Singing Bowls and other healing instruments. Helps to rebalance chakric frequencies, bringing the body, mind and spirit into better alignment. Helps decrease anxiety and stress levels. Personalized or small group sessions available. Also stay tuned to our monthly 'Yoga & Sound', an hour of restorative yoga, following by sound meditation.


Bring wellness home with you after your visit to our studio. We offer a wide range of holistic products from essential oils to mala bracelets. Come visit us today to see what's in stock, or to find out when one of your favourites is coming back! 


60 Main Street

Winnipeg Beach

(in the Plaza)

Tel: (204) 641-1764

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